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Apartment Signs

  Interested in Apartment Signs? At YRZ Signs, We Make Property Signs and HOA Signs for Individuals and Businesses

If you run an HOA or want to make sure that people know where the HOA works, then you should give us a call at YRZ Signs. We are a company that creates indoor and outdoor signs for a variety of purposes. We offer apartment signs, property signs and HOA signs, so you can get the perfect sign for any need you have.

What kinds of materials do we use? That’s a great question. We prefer to use di bond, acrylic, bronze, vinyl, aluminum, wood and other materials, because we want to create a sign that suits your brand and carries forward your message. Want to show off your outdoor shop? A rustic, wooden sign may be the right answer. Interested in a simple, light-up sign? We’ll talk to you about acrylic or aluminum options. We would love to help you get the perfect sign prepared, so give us a call to get started.

You can buy with confidence from our business, because we are fully licensed and insured. We service areas all around California, including Orange County, Los Angeles, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach and others. If you would like to see some of our past work, you can find it on our Instagram, Facebook or other social media pages. We work hard to produce the highest-quality designs, so we know that you’ll love what you see.

When you purchase a sign, the goal is to make sure it attracts the right attention all the time. We will look into your city ordinances and signage requirements, so that your signs meet them and are approved. We have a commitment to quality, long-lasting signs, which is why we think you’ll love seeing the signs we come up with.

We’ll walk you through the design process, manufacturing step and installation when you’re ready. We would love to talk to you about your signs and how we can help make them sturdy, legible and easy to install on your property.

Whether you’re interested in getting a design and permit, fabricating a sign, installing a sign or having old signage removed, we’re here to help. Our team is qualified to help with installation, removal, design and fabrication, obtaining permits and so much more. We’d love to talk to you soon and get going on your project.

Call or talk with us today to get a free quote. You can reach us at YRZ Signs at 949-672-8028. You can also reach out to us at We’d like to thank you for coming to our website! We are interested in your project and will be waiting for your call.

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